Kimy Gringoire by Benjamin  Quinton

Rough and refined at the same time, Kim Mee Hye designs a high-end jewellery line, which celebrates intimacy and hidden luxury, as well as a strong sense of freedom. Handcrafted in the finest ateliers in Belgium, the line appeals to independent and liberated minds, at ease within  any environment.

Kim Mee Hye creates the jewellery pieces she always dreamed of wearing herself, following her own path and aesthetics. Removed from a vision of jewels as mere status symbols, Kim Mee Hye focuses on honesty, individuality and eclecticism, going back to striking shapes and powerful statements.

Made to be transformed by every woman and worn to fit the mood of the moment, the pieces are timeless and delicate, combining quality with innovative design. The collection only uses the most exquisite materials such as gold and diamonds, yet it still manages to be playful and surprising at the same time, highlighting the melodic nature of unexpected pairings.

By integrating extraordinary sophisticated and invisible mechanisms into her pieces, Kim Mee Hye creates jewellery that includes more than one single message.  The variable geometry shapes can either be worn casually or in more sophisticated ways. Kim Mee Hye create pieces with hidden messages, implying they can be shown or simply not.